What antivirus to use???

Norton, Kaspersky, Webroot, Windows Security essentials…

What antivirus should I use?

Our advice…

Choose 1 based on what you research and KEEP IT UPDATED. They are all good… but the bad guys typically get past them when they are outdated and/or the end user clicks “I accept” when prompted with a question like “Do you want to install this bad thing on your machine that is gonna do bad things” (only the real notification is more like “Do you want to update your DBT.exe file to ensure that your computer is protected?”).

Thing is… MOST users don’t know what DBT.exe does, and they assume that since the notation is telling them that they will be “protected”, they click OK. Little do they know, DBT stands for “Do Bad Things”.

When in doubt, click “NO, do not install”, and then contact your IT professional.