About us

Effective solutions, efficient services

Technology should not be a burden to business owners and individuals. Technology should empower users to be a more productive version of themselves and allow them to increase their effectiveness; whether that is processing a report from a system faster, or enjoying the convenience of a bluetooth headset to listen to your favorite podcast.

To satisfy the IT and online marketing needs for businesses and individuals by working as their “part time / as-needed” Technology department. Help businesses serve their clients better by supporting their technology systems / processes effectively and efficiently.

Charge fair rates to allow our clients to afford and benefit from our services.
Provide support for the gamut of technology available and not limit our clients’ options of what tech they can use.

Professionally deliver tech consultation and services in an expedient and comprehensive manner.

Our team

Our full-time team is small and resourceful, and we utilize several part-time resources for specific skills. Whatever the task is, we can get it done.

Nathan Paul Womack
Founder – Owner

Minhajuddin Khawaja
Lead Designer & Developer