About Us

Our Vision

Technology should not be a burden to business owners and individuals. Technology should empower users to be a more productive version of themselves and allow them to increase their effectiveness; whether that is processing a report from a system faster, or enjoying the convenience of a bluetooth headset to listen to your favorite podcast.

Our Mission

To satisfy the IT and online marketing needs for businesses and individuals by working as their “part time / as-needed” Technology department. Help businesses serve their clients better by supporting their technology systems / processes effectively and efficiently. 

  • Charge fair rates to allow our clients to afford and benefit from our services.
  • Provide support for the gamut of technology available and not limit our clients’ options of what tech they can use.
  • Professionally deliver tech consultation and services in an expedient and comprehensive manner.

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Talents Behind Our Success

Our full-time team is small and resourceful, and we utilize several part-time resources for specific skills. Whatever the task is, we can get it done.

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Nathan Paul Womack
Founder – Owner

Louis Wilson
Lead Tech

Minhajuddin Khawaja

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Professional Consulting

We strive to provide the best information and guidance to deliver the best solution for your specific situation.

Valuable Ideas

We think outside the box to create a technology environment that is right for you.

Flexible Scheduling

We can work around your schedule to provide minimum downtime for your business.

Budget Friendly

Our prices are competitive in the market and guarantee your satisfaction.


What They Are Saying

My business is growing because of them…

Get Your Tech In Check has been my social media consultant for about 2-3 months. In that time, they have built my social presence online incredibly. We meet weekly and they always have excellent recommendations for what I can do to increase my exposure and offers me very honest and valuable pointers on how to continually improve building my relationships online, building my list and my business! I feel that I have put the growth of my business in excellent hands working with Get Your Tech In Check. My business is growing because of them and I would AND HAVE recommended their services to everyone I know.

Tara Powers

Powers Resource Center

…excellent ideas to help us improve business productivity…

Nathan Womack is a well-organized, detail-oriented person. He always has excellent ideas to help us improve business productivity and implements changes and upgrades to our technology environment making it more efficient for us. Nathan pours himself into every job he does and produces exemplary results.

Bonnie Kuefner

In Touch Therapies Longmont

…helped my company become relevant in the world of social media.

I have been so impressed with Get Your Tech In Check’s abilities. They are such an expert with social media and their ideas don’t stop there. They have helped my company become relevant in the world of social media. They are someone I will have in my business for years to come!

Tricia Turpenoff

Turpenoff Galleries

…makes me better at my job and eliminates tech anxiety from my day.

Before working with Nathan, at least once I day I dreaded the inevitable crash of my aging computer and along with it my hard work, sanity, and security! As a technologically insecure small business owner, Nathan’s expertise is invaluable to me. He is able to understand and assess my needs, and meet them with skill and efficiency. He has saved me time, money, and energy that I can now put towards my clients and business development. Rather than trying to sell me on the latest and greatest new models, he showed me how my current equipment can work best for me, and updated it to serve my needs. My computer is now much faster, easier to use, and more reliable. . . which makes me better at my job and eliminates tech anxiety from my day. Moreover, Nathan is a joy to work with, and is always ready to answer my questions with patience, humor, and clarity. Thank you, Nathan, for a job well done!

Hannah Williams

Naked Hunger

…very methodical end-goal approach to solutions.

I attended a seminar yesterday and listened to Nathan Womack from Get Your Tech In Check. An amazing presentation outlining their very methodical end-goal approach to solutions. If you or your business is looking to expand its ability reach your community and clients, then your first best step is sitting down and talking to Get Your Tech In Check.

Matthew Simmons

Owner (Franchisee)
Edward Jones

There is much more to this social media stuff than meets the eye.

Get Your Tech In Check is the one that got me started in Facebook and without that I would have no business presence in social media. Any company that is thinking “I should be doing more with my business on Facebook, Twitter, etc” is a) absolutely right and b) needing to talk with Get Your Tech In Check. There is much more to this social media stuff than meets the eye.

Mark Hiatt

Business Leads of America

…very patient…

Get Your Tech In Check has taught me what I have needed to know about the social media world very quickly and has put me on a fast track in reaching many people. My business has grown 500% since starting to work with them. They are also very patient with me and has helped me be comfortable with this new world of marketing!

Diane Dandeneau

…creative, energetic and knowledgeable.

Get Your Tech In Check is creative, energetic and knowledgeable. They put their heart and soul into every commitment and can be counted upon to provide current insight and information about marketing communication and social media marketing.

Rebecca Blackwell

Rebecca Blackwell Inc.

…tremendous work ethic.

Nathan has a tremendous work ethic and provides value with every interaction. I have relied on Nathan for IT support several times. Last time I hired Nathan he saved me $525 on a laptop! If you ever have a question about anything even remotely technical call Nathan first, chances are he can save you time and money.

Jed Staufer

My business’s Facebook page looks great!

Holy cow! My business’s Facebook page looks great! And you’ve already gotten 13 people to like me in day one live. YOU ROCK!!!…Love the customized look of all my profiles. Love that I have 43 fans already, day three. Love, love, love!

Wendy O’Donovan Phillips